How to find a new favorite golfer

How to find a new favorite golfer

By Jennifer Toth, USA TODAY SportsThe most popular golfer on tour is back, and he’s playing in the World Club Challenge in Phoenix.

This weekend marks the debut of new players who are poised to take a huge step in the game.

The new crop of players is the latest incarnation of the “golfing phenomenon” that has blossomed around the globe over the last few years.

The game has taken off in the United States, Europe and beyond, but the game is still relatively young in many countries.

A growing number of players are finding that they enjoy the sport more after years of playing traditional golf, while others are taking their time to learn the sport.

The sport’s popularity has grown to the point that the World Golf Association has made changes to its rulebook in an effort to improve its appeal and draw more players to the game, according to the Associated Press.

The latest version of the rulebook will require players to have a minimum of eight discs on the fairway in order to play.

The rulebook also removes the requirement for a minimum score of 100 on a round, which was a staple of the sport during the late ’70s.

The tournament’s governing body, the PGA Tour, said the new rule will make it easier for players to reach the top of the leaderboard.

The PGA Championship is scheduled to begin Sunday in Phoenix, Ariz., but some major changes are on the way for next week’s event.

The championship is set to be played at the Phoenix SkyDome.

PGA tour officials said they will remove the first four holes from the PSA Championship from the calendar and put the tournament back on the same date for the next five weeks.

The PGA of America said in a statement that the move was to ensure the tournament can accommodate the pace of the P2 format, which is played in a shorter cut to qualify for the P1-era tour.

The final round will also be played a few weeks later, after the P3 and P4 rounds.

The schedule will be adjusted so the P4-round will be played on a Sunday.

The new PGA schedule will include two P2 rounds, with the second round set to begin Saturday, Oct. 3, with an overnight start.

The second PGA championship will take place in Parma, Italy, the home of the legendary Giro d’Italia, which features a P2-round.

The top 16 players will qualify for a spot on the P5-era Tour.

The 2018 PGA will also have a P3-round, but it will be more difficult to play in than the P8-round and will feature a shorter course.

The tour is currently scheduling two of its three P4s.

The 2017 PGA Championships in Phoenix was a success for both the PTA and the PGC, with PGA tournament director Mike McCarron saying that the PCA was pleased with the tournament’s first two weeks.

However, it’s still not clear how the PTC will fare this year.

The Tour of California has not announced a P1 tournament yet, although the PCC has said it will hold a preliminary P1 on the first day of the tour’s 2017 season.

The 2018 PGC is scheduled for its first P3 event on the schedule, with five rounds played in the Phoenix sky dome.

The five-round event will feature the P9-round that was the longest round on the last PGA TOUR event in 2016, with four holes on the par-5, five-iron and five-footers.

The last two PGC events were played at Phoenix’s Mesa Verde Country Club, which opened in 2012.

The last PGC event was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., and the last time it was held in the city was in 2011.

The next PGA events are set to take place on the final weekend of the year.

In 2018, the last three PGA tournaments are at Phoenix, which will be followed by two more at Augusta National in Macon, Ga., and New Orleans in New Orleans.


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